Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ducks/Geese -vs- Vizsla

During my run in the woods today I decided to use some of my natural abilities to make some new friends. Also, since the weather was a tad warmer, I thought it would be a  good day to frolic in the river.  Dad said I was filthy when we got home, so into the bath tube I went. I'm all clean now and looking forward to a long nap. Here are some pictures of me from today. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 4 of 4

I'm done! It was a long weekend. Uncle Robbie came with Aunt Linda and Caitlin and Aunt Kelly came too. No sweeps today, just the regular show. I won my class, because I competed against myself. That's right I beat myself for the win! I advanced to winners dog and lost. This meant I got to go home!!! I look forward to my next shows and seeing my family again and Ms. Debbie. Thanks to everyone! The picture above is from about 8 PM tonight. Being beautiful makes you sleepy!

Day 3 0f 4

This was a BIG day! I would like to first take a moment to thank everyone for coming out. Grandpa Mike, Aunt Linda, Terry and Rick and of course Mom and Dad. I started off competing in the sweepstakes again and won my class for the third day in a row! OK, hold on folks, the math is getting tough! If I'm correct I won a total of $24.14 over the first 3 days!!!!! Also, I beat little brother Skoda 3 for 3! I thought he had me on the last one for sure, but I got lucky! Skoda, I'm not looking forward to meeting in the future because you're a handsome dude. I saw all those "Bitches" looking at you (female dogs you silly people)! Anyway here's where it gets good. I won my class in 9-12 month dog and moved to "winners dog." In winners dog "I WON!" My First Major!!!!!!! and more points toward my championship! I moved on to compete in "Best of Breed" and "best of winners." There were 60 dogs or more in Best of Breed and being only 9 months I was a little nervous. In "best of winners" I was up against a mature and well groomed 4 year old from Texas. Congrats to her.  But here is the good news, my relative Hannah WON the whole thing and my Uncle Owen took the "Best of Opposite" (best opposite sex since Hannah is a girl). With all this winning Ms. Debbie sure was Happy! Because this was a specialty show I got the big fancy ribbons and another paper weight! Thanks again to Ms. Debbie and Mrs. Susan for helping me in the ring!

Day 2 of 4

OK, Here we go! It was a crazy last few days and I'm going to try to get right. On Friday Aunt Linda and Gram came to watch me. I had a good day. I won my class in the sweeps and moved to the finals. For that win I collected a cool $8.84 (oh yeah), bringing my 2 day total to $17.34!! In the finals I met up with my sister Harlow being handled by Ms. Debbie. I was with Mrs. Susan. Well, Harlow beat me and won the whole thing! I was very happy and Dad yelled "earmuffs" as Ms. Debbie said a bad word when she and Harlow told Dad "we kicked your A$$!" Congrats Harlow, I Love ya little sis! In the regular show I won my class earning a blue ribbon and a very nice paper weight with a vizsla (like me) etched into it and moved onto "winners dog." No luck that day in winners dog, but I had fun and was glad Gram and Aunt Linda came to support me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 1 of 4

Today was the first of four days of shows. Dad got me up really early and took me to the woods so I could get some exercise and stretch out. When we got home, I got my nails done and got a good bath! When we got to the show Dad turned me over to Ms. Debbie and Mrs. Susan. During the shows Dad took turns holding me and my family members while each of us took our turn in the show ring. It was hard for Dad to hold us and send everyone text messages with updates, but he did it. As for the competition I advanced to the finals of "Sweepstakes." I went toe to toe with my little brother Skoda, and as any big brother would do, "I TOOK HIM DOWN!" In the finals I learned how it felt to be on the receiving end of the beating. Anyway I lost, but was awarded the pink ribbon and the big $$$$$$$$ as my prize for the class win! Who knew I could make money based on my looks? In the regular show I did well and won my class of 9 to 12 month old dogs. I won the blue ribbon. I moved on to compete for "winners dog" and lost to the puppy. That's not fair, you can't throw a puppy in there with a baby face! He was a nice doggie and I look forward to beating him in the future! Tomorrow is day 2, so check back to see how I did!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Pictures


Hello All,

I am doing great. Life has been busy, but I am having a lot fun. As you can see by some of my pictures I play hard and sleep even harder! Later this week I will be competing in the dog shows in Seacaucus, NJ. Sounds Like I may have the chance to compete head to head with my little brother Skoda (if we each win our group). Hey Skoda, if you read this, "YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" Just kidding, I'm looking forward to seeing him. The last time we saw each other was the day some strange guy came and took me to NJ (thanks Dad). Also, Mom say's the top prize to the winner is a set of vizsla colored salt and pepper shakers. Who wouldn't want those for the kitchen table! Anyway, enjoy the pictures and  check back to see how I made out at the shows.