Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a week! First I went to kindergarten for the first time, and I had so much fun with the other dogs! Mom and Dad were very proud of me; I was very good and behaved myself, and was way better at paying attention than the other puppies :) I also met Delilah, a 14 month old girl vizsla - she was very pretty (I liked her a lot!). Then this week I discovered puddles in the woods for the first time, and got a bunch of baths, which I'm not too fond of. And this morning there were a bunch of deer around, and I kept smelling and hearing them and pointing - this is a picture Dad took of me holding still and listening for them. I usually pick up my right foot, but Dad was slow getting the camera (I held it for three minutes or so...but it didn't occur to Dad to get the camera until I was too tired). Today Dad goes to San Diego with the Jets, and it's another mommy and me weekend. I'm trying to help her study, but I really just want her to play with me...all day!
See you all soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm not Fat...I'm just Big-Boned

Well, today has been quite a day for me! I went to the vet (Dr. Donna) and I weighed 34.5 pounds!! That's 1o pounds in one month! Mom said she already knew that because she spent all weekend chasing me around while Dad was in Miami with the NY Jets...she made me stay in the house on a beautiful day while she tried to see Dad on TV. (Then we went out and played, so it was OK). Then I lost one of my baby teeth... Mom noticed blood on her arm after me licking her, and when she checked, I'm missing another tooth! Dr. Donna said a lot of my grown-up teeth are already in. And then mom and dad had their first puppy kindergarten class (I didn't go, I get to go next week to meet the other puppies). There will be 4 other puppies, and they're all the same age, so I'm very excited to meet them!
Mom put this picture up because the new joke is that until Cheetah and I can get along, they are going to have to put another window into the side of the house! (I really want to sit there, but she thinks she owns the joint...) We'll check in soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Makes Me Sleepy.

Hello all! No real news here, but just a lot of growing and having fun. Dad has been busy with college work and uses the computer a lot, so I thought I would try to learn, too. I always sit next to him at night and like to rest with my paw on the keyboard so that we're right next to each other. Mom said she's worried she might start to block certain websites for me! Mom is also studying a lot for her boards at night, and we all tend to fall asleep at the same time on the couch. I only fall asleep on top of them, and Mom took this picture of me sleeping right on top of Dad, because she said she couldn't concentrate on her work with the two of us snoring. The cat is slowly getting used to me, but she still gets annoyed when I try to play with can see her coming at me from behind in the picture on top...just when I close my eyes and am not expecting her...she's sneaky like that. (Mom and Dad have actually caught us exchanging some very quick kisses as we pass by each other, but it's rare that that happens without a follow-up swat by her or me!) We start puppy kindergarten next week, and I can't wait to meet the other puppies (even though I still spend hours running around with Simba and Mocha and Panda every day...they even let me play in their tunnel the other day!). I'm going to go back to sleep now, since it is after 9, and that is my strict self-imposed bedtime (I get kind of mad with Mom and Dad when they try to keep me up past then..I've even been known to groan out loud if they make too much noise!) Hope everyone has a good week!