Thursday, August 28, 2008

Having A Blast!

Nothing really new to report. I keep growing. Mom and dad think I get taller and faster each day. Here are a few pictures of me running around the woods by my house. Hope you are all doing well.

Vizsla LIVESTRONG Success!

Thank you to all who took the time to read the previous post. Our team with the help of McCoy, raised over $6000 dollars for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We had a great day with people participating in the 100 mile, 45 mile and 10 mile bike events and the 5k walk and run. If you know someone affected by cancer have them explore the LAF. Thank you again and McCoy reminds everyone to LIVESTRONG!
NOTE: Our 100 mile biker, Charles, is not pictured. He was still riding!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that on August 24 my mom and dad will be participating in the LIVESTRONG Challenge Philadelphia. The LIVESTRONG Challenge is the LAF’s signature fundraising event. The walk/run event is 5K and then there are bike events for 10, 40, 70 or 100 miles. The LAF inspires and empowers people affected by cancer. They help people with cancer focus on living; they believe unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. Also,the LAF is leading a national movement to make cancer a national priority in the 2008 Presidential race. On April 10, 2007 (before I was around) my dad was diagnosed with Testiclar Cancer. With the help of his family, friends, and doctors dad was able to win his fight against cancer. If you would like to make a donation in support of my dad or learn more, visit dad's LIVESTRONG web page at,

Thanks for reading and talk to you later!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today dad said I had way to much energy and needed to get some extra fun time. So we hopped in the car and headed down the road to the trail head at the wildlife refuge. Dad said not to look at the sign and just start walking (see picture above, no dogs). I had a blast! I ran all over the woods. I'm getting really good at leaping over logs and downed trees. After about an hour dad said it was time to go...but I wasn't done. When we got home Aunt Caroline (across the street) was just getting home and I ran to her and begged to play with Simba. Simba and I ran around his back yard at FULL STEAM for another 20 minutes or more! Dad and Aunt Caroline were laughing at us but we didn't care. After that I came home and was pretty much done for the day. All this extra play time today was great. I hope we can do it again tomorrow.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Camp Reunion!

So today was the 50th anniversary of mom's old summer camp, Camp Nejeda in Stillwater, NJ. This camp was a place where mom made some of her best friends still to this day, so into the car we went! After about an hour drive we arrived, and was I excited!!! We didn't even make it away from the car and people were walking over to see me. As we arrived on to the main field of the camp with all of the people, I put on a show! Everyone was petting and loving on me. I just rolled over on my back and an endless stream of people rubbed my belly! Mom and Dad knew I was happy because I had a big smile and my tail was wagging faster then ever! The camp kids LOVED me! After my meet and greet mom, dad, Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen took me on a really long off leash walk through the woods and fields! I was really such a good boy, and I know my family is proud of me :) This was the best ever! I LOVE CAMP! What could be better than tons of friendly people and romping through the woods...oh...wait...napping. Napping is what I've been doing since then, napping and snoring. I was actually lying upside down half-off of the couch with my eyes open for a while, making so much noise people heard me on the phone. I think it's just because I had such a good time today. I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, August 8, 2008


All goes well. I've been hanging out with mom and spent the afternoon getting loved on by Gram (Dad's grandma) yesterday while dad was out of town (with Brett Favre!). Mom and I have been tearing it up! I went to the vet for my check up and shots the other day and was the best dog ever! I weighed in at 24 and 1/2 Lbs! Dr. Donna says I look great! I LOVE the woods! I really like running through the mud and puddles! I have been getting a good bath each day when we return home. Hope all of you are well. Dad is having some camera trouble that he thought was fixed and is not! Please don't be mad at him. He's really trying to get it fixed or get the OK from mom to get a new one! LOL! Till next time.