Monday, April 6, 2009

More Awards and an Update

So here is a quick update about what's been going on. While I was with Ms. Debbie in Maryland, Mom and Dad went to Kentucky and found me a new home! It's really BIG and I can't wait to run all over and leave my mark. The backyard is on the 16th fairway of a golf course and Mom and dad said that before we move they are having a nice fence installed so I don't steal all of the golf balls! 
After that trip Dad and Grandma Elaine took a trip to Ireland for a week. Dad said I couldn't go and that I had to take care of Mom. That week was so much fun spending time with Mom, but I sure did miss Dad. 
Tonight was my pre-novice obedience test. Mom has been working me very hard over the last few days to make sure that I am focused and ready. Well the good news is that I passed and received my ribbon and certificate! The good news for Ms. Debbie is that I lost points because I don't sit when I am supposed to! All my classmates passed and we each got a new toy! Even Grandpa Mike, Aunt Linda and Mr. Chuck came tonight to watch me. I really want to thank them for coming. 


Dee said...

Great job McCoy! And I do love the top picture of you. Adorable.

Delilah and Rocket said...

That looks like a lotta porch to lounge around on all by yourself. Maybe it's time for a little brother/sister?

Laila said...

Hi, cousin McCoy! I had fun playing with you at Aunt Debbie's house while your parents were getting your new house. Congratulations on your new award!