Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Reservation Hike Photos - 11-2-08

Reservation Hike Photos - 11-2-08

Here are the pictures from our hike today!
I am a handsome man, if I may say so myself.

1st Snow

Hi guys - I am so sorry it has taken me so long to come back and keep everyone up to date on my adventures - mom has been really busy studying for her big test, and Dad has been busy taking care of me and working and going to school! I'm glad her test is done, we get to play a lot more now. These are pictures from my first snow (I was a little confused at first, and Dad had to kind of push me out the door to go to the bathroom), but when I got used to it, I actually had a lot of fun! I wasn't expecting that stuff, since it wasn't even Halloween yet!
(Speaking of Halloween - mom dressed me up, and she's working on getting the scanner working to put in the pictures of me...she thinks I secretly broke it because I'm humiliated at the pictures of me dressed up as a chicken...)
The other pictures are of me today on a hike in the woods that we all took - it was beautiful, and I ran for three hours straight - I had a great time! (I fell right asleep again in the car after, and was snoring!) I was very good and posed nicely for mom and dad so they could get some good pictures of me growing up!
Come back soon and maybe by then mom will have figured out how to totally humiliate me and put the Halloween pictures up - I have to go to bed now, because tomorrow is my graduation from kindergarten! I'm so excited!